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About Us

Who we are ?

3F Textile is one of the woven suppliers in Turkey .

3f Textile specialised in short and design-lead sourcing and planning of apparel and goods such as blouses , shirts , dresses , skirts and tailor pants with various jumpsuits that follows the latest trends and customer needs for the growing market. Our core values are quality, innovation, sustainability and transparency.

3f has many facilities such as its own factories in different locations whose capacities are increasing per year with our customers needs and requests. Our factories have been audited by Sedex ,Fama, BSCI , SGS, NEXT , Bestseller . The monthly capacity is 800,000 pcs per month. On the other hand , we have many sub-cons with whom we are working closely in a serious ethical way of working. Following the fashion trends and innovations, our teams present our clients the right products at the right time.

Also we have design Office in Barcelona which is located in the center called ‘Ramla de Cataluña’. We follow the latest developments in the world through our offices located in Istanbul and Barcelona.Working with a global customer base enables us to be at the forefront of trend awareness and product intelligence.

Research & Development

As 3F Textile , we have a wide fabric reasearch & development team in our Office. Our main goal on this point is to develop newest product and production models by combining today’s and tomorrow’s trends with the customers’ expectations .


Besides our general R&D , we are aware of the importance of sustainability, we develop sustainable practices. 3F Textiles’ factories aim to minimize the environmental impact to prevent wastes therefore we follow our waste management policies. We are also involved in a Project which has been created by one of our customers called ‘Join Life ‘. All of our production steps are in sustainable way of working from the begining of the yarns and to the final production steps. Our key priority is preserving the environment to create a better world for coming generations.

We care our planet so we are aware protecting our environment.